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This is me!

I'm a foodie who loves to sing, sit and soak up the sunshine, dance while I cook, play in my garden, and snuggle my pups. Oh... and photograph people. I've been photographing for over 15 years now. I am fortunate enough to have some amazing families that I've been photographing for years. I've been able to watch their little bundles of joy grow and change into little silly children. And then, far too quickly,  grow into little adults. I aim to capture the unique love that each family has in my images, which means your photos will tend to be a bit more candid then posed. I like to have fun, laugh, play games, and make silly noises. I also LOVE those snuggly images that remind you of how precious and little our babies can be, because they grow up far too fast. Don't worry: I try to get a few posed as well, which I've dubbed the 'Grandma pictures', because that's the one Grandma always wants to hang in her home. 

I caught the photography bug when I was 15 years old and my cousin gave me seven rolls of film (yes, film, I'm that old). She told me to snap some pictures at her wedding for her. When we got the rolls developed, I was in love. I can still remember that one image that made me think 'when can I do this again?' And thus a photographer was made.

I have an studio at my home in Southbury, CT, but generally like to capture images out in the fresh air. I'm lucky to be surrounded by some beautiful locations that are perfect for photoshoots! If you don't have a place in mind, just ask and I can suggest some places for you! 

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location: Southbury Connecticut

call/text: (860)949-4411

email: ShaunaMcsherryPhotography@gmail.com

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